Welcome to the "Youth Peace" Campaign

Leading the "Youth Peace" Revolution through Advocacy and Education

By War Against Violence Corporation dba YouthAlert! (YA!) U.S.A.

What We Do - We are a U.S. Non-Profit, Public Charity with a

 "Youth Peace" Campaign established to help ALL youth survive and thrive. "Where Youth and Adults Meet Halfway to Reduce Violence."

Our "Youth Peace" Campaign's ten core tenets are:

1. ALL youth are “equal” in importance, meaning, value, and worth, without exception.

2. ALL youth should be treated with "equality" and "kindness." Youth and adults should meet "halfway."

3. Youth’s number one job is to “survive” their youth. It is adults’ job to try to help them.

4. It is ALL youth's “destiny” to live a long and healthy life.

5. Every youth is a special, unique, and “one-of-a-kind” individual.

6. Violence, bullying, and abuse (VBA) are the “Head of the Snake.” The number one root “problem” for youth.

7. We all must “stay ahead of the curve,” meaning violence and conflict “prevention.”

8. When youth get all the information, they usually make the right “true choices.”

9. To truly “protect” and save “any youth,” we must protect and save “ALL youth,” or youth will always be “fair game.”

10. “Youth Peace” is one of the best “steppingstones” to world peace.

Our Vision: Peace is the lynchpin to the rest of the Good Principles of Humanity, Human Advancement, Human Happiness, and Human Survival.

Our Mission: World Peace Through "Youth Peace."

 "Youth Peace" Campaign Guest Speaker

at your School/Location

     Established to help ALL youth survive and thrive.     

"Where Youth and Adults Meet Halfway to Reduce Violence."

$500 for a one-hour in-person, age-appropriate interactive exchange directly with youth and our organization’s adult youth mentor. Your sponsorship is tax-deductible.

Virtual exchanges are also available. 

The cost is for our organization’s in-person speaker, but other adults are welcome to stand with the speaker, free of charge, and participate in the live exchange.

In the exchange, the ten-point plan of the “Youth Peace” Campaign will be discussed. The plan was developed by youth and adults for youth and adults from over 10,000 youth participating in the YouthAlert! (YA!) “Youth Peace” Program.

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