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Our Mission:To bring about a reduction in youth violence, and improve the health and safety of children and youth, though education, volunteerism, and teamwork.”

The Fifth YouthAlert! (YA!) Event 4.12.14 was amazing!

Photos, Video, Transcripts and Excerpts will be avail be at this site,, youtube, and our free smart phone app, soon.  Special thanks to.....

And Extra Special Thanks to our most Honorable U.S. Senator from Kentucky Dr. Rand Paul!!!!!!!

Next YA! Stop Lexington, Kentucky, Saturday, April 12, 2014


Win The War! Against Violence Presents


YouthAlert! (YA!) News! Lexington, KY


A free Youth Violence Prevention Event & Forum


“Where Youth and Adults Meet HALFWAY to Reduce Violence”


YouthAlert! (YA!) Lexington, KY on Saturday, April 12, 2014 is a FOUR HOUR live Youth Violence Prevention Event & ForumIt includes live Youth Violence Prevention Programs, Youth Health Advocates, Guest Speakers, Audience Participation, Videos, Discussion, free Lunch and both Adult and Youth panels discussing ways both Youths and Adults can meet HALFWAY, equally, to reduce all violence. Everyone’s opinion at YouthAlert! (YA!) Lexington, KY is important. Come, Be Peaceful, and Your Voice will be Heard! YA! is U!


WhenSaturday, April 12, 2014

10:00 AM to 2:00 PM  


Where: Bryan Station High School - Auditorium


201 Eastin Road, Lexington, KY 40505


Free Registration:    Official Web Site:


Free Registration!   Free Admission!   Free Door Prizes!   Free Lunch!


Admission is Free and Open to the Public but Seating is Limited.

E-mailed Reservations Receive Priority Seating at 10:00 AM then Seating will be on a First Come, First Serve Basis at 10:15 AM


Time is of the essence for fighting violence in Kentucky. Violent crimes were reported at their highest level ever in the last two years in our great Commonwealth with 36,956 violent offenses in 2012 and 37,467 violent offenses in 2011. In 2012 in Kentucky, Homicide offenses were committed every 31 hours and 37 minutes while in 2010 Murder was committed every 48 hours and 40 minutes. In 2012 in Kentucky Forcible Sexual offences were committed every 1 hour and 36 minutes while in 2010 Rape was committed every 5 hours and 40 minutes. (Source: Kentucky State Police Crime in Kentucky Reports). And nationwide, over 50% of violence acts are not reported to police.

10:00 AM - Introduction - Douglas A. Wain, Executive Director, Win The War! Against Violence, Lexington, Kentucky. YA! Youth! Chapters announcement. 

10:05 AM Special Welcome - Tom Shelton, Ph.D., Superintendent, Fayette County Public Schools, Lexington, KY. 

10:20 AM Special Guest Speaker – James Brown, Urban Family Engagement Network (UFEN), Lexington, KY. The Urban Family Engagement Network is designed to ensure that more families in urban areas understand the role they can play in their child’s education. The opportunities to participate in school events, the ways to navigate the school system and collaborate with the school personnel to solve problems, and the value of joining other families in organized, parent focused group settings. Sessions open to 30 parents 

10:40 PM – Special Guest Speaker- Stephanie Stockburger, MD, Department of Pediatrics, Division of Adolescent Medicine, University of Kentucky for Stop Youth Suicide, Lexington, KY. 

11:00 PM Special Guest Speakers – SWAG - Sisters and Supporters Working Against Gun Violence, Lexington, KY. We are a Grassroots non-profit organization inspired by the deaths of our children due to gun violence. Our Mission is to save the youth population by promoting awareness, education, and prevention of gun violence. Our page is an outreach and networking avenue for supporters and victims of gun violence. 

11:30 AM - Special Guest Speaker - John Gilbert - Vice President, Executive Board, Blue Grass Council of the Boy Scouts of America 

Photos - YouthAlert! (YA!) Event free Lunch Peace Party Bryan Station H.S. Lexington, KY, April 12,2014

12:00 PM YA! Lunch Peace Party - free Pizza, Drinks, Snacks, and Cookies! 

12:30 PM Special Guest Speaker – “What about the Father?” by David Cozart, Fayette County Fatherhood Initiative (FCFI), Lexington, KY. The Fayette County Fatherhood Initiative’s goal is to restore, equip and deploy fathers and male leaders in families, the faith community and throughout Lexington’s communities through a comprehensive, collaborative, neighborhood-based strategy. Our goal is to restore, equip and deploy fathers and male leaders in families, the faith community, and throughout Lexington’s communities through a comprehensive, collaborative, neighborhood-based strategy. 

1:15 PM – Special Guest Speakers – Reverend Keith G. Tyler Sr., Antioch Missionary Baptist Church, Lexington KY and India Greer, "We Care Program" Lexington, KY.

12:30 PM – Special Guest Speaker - Brannon Dunn, Founder, and Executive Director of Community Organizers of Lexington, KY and DREAM. DREAM is a BMAMI (Black Male Achievement Mentoring Initiative. Our vision: to bring organizations together in order to form a coalition of individuals, groups, and organizations dedicated to serve low-income neighborhoods in an effort to ensure a better quality of life. 

12:45 PM - Special Guest Speaker - Reverand Jim Thurman, President, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), Branch 3097, Lexington, Kentucky 

1:15 PM – Special Guest Speaker – Fayette County Kentucky Circuit Family Court Judge John P. Schrader. 

1:30 PM - YouthAlert! (YA!) Peace Awards Presentation! The Third “YA! Did Good! Adult Peace Award” to Judge John P. Schrader, Lexington, Kentucky and the Second “YA! The Best! Youth Peace Award” to the "We Care" Kids, Lexington, Kentucky.

1:45 PM– Special Guest Speaker - John Q. Moses, HIV Outreach Specialist, Targeted Prevention, Lexington-Fayette County Health Department, 805B Newtown Circle, Lexington, KY 40511 with Special Guest - Freida Downey, “The Caped Condom Crusader”, Lexington, KY. 

2:00 PM – Special Guest Speaker – Scott Lancaster, BSW, Child Advocate, GreenHouse17, Lexington, KY. GreenHouse17, formerly Bluegrass Domestic Violence Program, nurtures lives harmed by intimate partner abuse. We are an advocacy agency committed to ending intimate partner abuse in families and the community. We safety plan, facilitate weekly support groups, provide housing assistance, and offer other supportive services to help victims rebuild their lives as survivors. Since our agency was established in July 2004, we have sheltered more than 2,500 adult victims of intimate partner violence and their dependent children at our shelter on a beautiful Bluegrass farm in rural Fayette County, Kentucky. Each year, we advocate for and serve about 5,000 additional victims who never reside in our shelter. 

1:50 PM - "A Moral Kid PSA Video Show" - A showing of short Anti-Violence Public Service Announcements (PSA) Videos with live narration that include President Barack Obama, Vice President Biden, David Beckham, Snoop Lion, Russell Simons, Samuel Jackson, Lady Gaga, David Ortiz, Beyonce, Chris Brown, Billy Ray Cyrus, Dionne Warwick, Will Farrell and more! 

Public Questions and Comments can be made throughout the entire event through our free smart phone app called YouthAlert on iPhone, IPad &  Android.

There will also be a microphone for Public Questions, Comments and some Speeches at all YouthAlert! (YA!) Events
YouthAlert! (YA!) Event News! (Photos, Videos and Transcripts), will be posted here at
YouthAlert! (YA!) at your School! Ask about our YouthAlert! (YA!) Violence Prevention/Health Program.